Targus Cypress Hero Backpack [Hardware] Review – I’ll Be Back(pack)

A backpack review on iFanzine? Hold your indignant cry for a second, and let us explain – this latest piece of kit from Targus is actually something custom made for iOS users.

This is because of the integrated Find My Locator feature, which allows Apple users to locate the bag via their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Now, the feature itself works flawlessly – but this is what you’d expect. But fortunately this backpack isn’t just a cheap piece of kit with this feature cheaply thrown in.

You’d anticipate this from the high price point though. What struck us quickly when testing out this backpack is the quality of the materials used – it feels light but not flimsy. 

We tested it out in (surprisingly, for the UK) hot conditions and we never felt like it weighed us down excessively, or felt like a massive burden – despite it holding a change of clothes, a tablet, and a laptop.

There are numerous pockets and zips to hold various items also, but it doesn’t feel like a design disaster. Yes, we’re still finding new pockets after a few weeks of use – but we consider that a bonus rather than a flaw.

What’s most important perhaps, considering its Find My Locator feature, is that the location module is hard to find. And even harder to remove.

Not that we tried, but we imagine you’d have to rip the backpack apart – almost clean in two – to remove it. Which is a very good thing, ultimately.

In conclusion, the Targus Cypress Hero Backpack is well worth considering if you’re after more peace of mind when it comes to going out and about. The Find My Locator integration is well implemented and the higher price tag is more than justified with the quality of the backpack itself.